Krissi and Maddie discuss their body art and how their taste changed over time and their opinions on changing trends…and might have had a few drinks.

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Episode 3: Wanderlust or Bust

This week Krissi and Maddie discuss road tripping as kids and with kids. They reminisce about their travel foibles, favorite trips, and biggest traveling parent fails.

Here are some pics of our travels over the years.

Episode 2: Happy Birthday! Now thank your mom.

This week Krissi and Maddie discuss the modern day birthday party. Everything from playground playdates to fully emmersive Escape Rooms. Krissi discusses how she is a crazy birthday person and Maddie pretty much confirms it. We hope you enjoy. 

Check out this video Krissi made of the escape Room she made for her daughter. 

Episode 1 – Meat and Greet

Episode 1 – Meat and Greet

So we did a thing. Maddie approached Krissi a little while ago about starting a podcast. After many conversations we decided to do this thing. Check out our first podcast episode “Meat and Greet” 

We decided on this title because the episode is about introductions and letting people get to know you and we mention our “meat suits” too many times so it seemed like a good title. We hope you enjoy.